Current Programs

Andrew Noseworthy's Current Programs

Golf Squared conducts individual and group sessions for players of all abilities. We operate year round providing professional instruction with a personal touch. Golf is truly a game of a lifetime and with proper instruction, coaching and practice, dedicated players can see steady, lasting improvement

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Andrew Noseworthy's Facilities

Golf Squared operates at many facilities throughout Nova Scotia. We are proud to be the chosen PGA of Canada professionals for the golf programs at Avon Valley Golf & Country Club, the Canada Games Centre, and Indian Lake Golf Club. In season golf instruction is mainly held at Goodwood Family Golf Centre, Halifax’s friendliest and best kept public practice facility.

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What's In The Bag

What's In The Bag for Andrew Noseworthy

Andrew Noseworthy is a proud Cobra – Puma Golf Staff member and travels Atlantic Canada with Cobra – Puma Golf conducting demo days and custom fit sessions. When looking to improve your game, professional instruction, dedicated practice and proper equipment will be important to your success. It doesn’t hurt to look good too. Puma Golf can help with that. LOOK. FEEL. PLAY. BETTER.

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